Hockey World League Officially Launched In Accra

Set in motion, The Hockey World League Round 1, Accra 2016, on Wednesday 31st August 2016 at 11:00am was officially introduced to public with a very huge media presence.

Over 40 media houses were present to witness the official outdooring of Ghana’s biggest hockey event hosted since 2012.

On the day some sponsors were also spotted for the first time with a few of them partnering hockey for the first time. Notable among our sponsors are;

1. Vodafone Ghana Limited
2. Esan Loco
3. SBC Beverages (Pepsi)
4. Mohinani Group (Polytank)
5. Accra Brewery Limited

Also present was the Executive Board of the Ghana Hockey Association and the Honorable Minster of Youth and Sports.

Players and officials of the National Team were also officially introduced to the world for the first time in all their glory and poise to make their nation proud, led by Captains; Gertrude Inkoom and Nsalbini Salya.

We have great hopes for our gallant men and women and are truly grateful to all who came and would continue to support Ghana Hockey.

Special thanks to the media… We would meet again when we emerge victorious on 11th September.

Tournament date: 9th to 11th September 2016.