Chase To Acquire Turf From Hurley Club

Chase and Amira Sailors will by the end of the year have their own playing ground that has been donated by Hurley Club from the Netherlands and will be setup at Sikh union grounds at a cost 700,000 Euros. The ground breaking of the took place on Saturday 30th July 2016 and paves way for Raicon contractors to start the work. The turf left Netherlands beginning of July and is expected to arrive anytime this month.

Chase Bank who are the sponsors for the two club have entered into a tripartite agreement with Hurley Club and Sikh Union Nairobi (Nairobi Simba) which will see the 3 clubs not only benefit from the turf donation but also exchange programs between the three clubs. Upon completion Amira Sailors, Chase Sailors and Sikh Union will now be playing their League home matches there.

This will be the second turf in county in addition to the one at City Park. The one at City Park was laid 8 years and is dilapidated. KHU Chairman, retired Colonel, Nashon Randiek has welcomed the move and lauded saying it is good for the sport.