GC2018: Hockey Ladies suffer first loss at Gold Coast 2018

Ghana’s Female Hockey team first appearance at the commonwealth games has been reckoned with both local and international local media houses praising the team. The team beat Nigeria, Egypt and Kenya but lost to South Africa to pick silver in the 2017 African Cup of Nation held in Ismalia, Egypt.

New Zealand started their Gold Coast campaign beating Scotland 6 goals to 1. The energy of Madi Doar, Kelsey Smith, Sam Charlton and Shiloh Glyon stumped the camp of Ghana ending the first half 4-0 in New Zealand’s favour after Adampa Janet and Amoako Cecilia got booked.

Ghana became vulnerable in the third period after Michelsen Stacey 33′, Merry Olivia 35′ and Harrison Samantha 43′ drove pass the unstable defense to increase the deficit to 7.

Azumah Bridget made remarkable saves but wasn’t enough to stop Ghana from conceding more goals. New Zealand Black Sticks stretched the tally in the final period with 5 goals to end the game 12 nil in their favour.

18-year-old Doar impressed the crowd with a hat-trick whiles McLaren Anita bagged her 100th international goal for NZ Blacksticks.

Ghana plays host nation, Australia, in their second game tomorrow at 12:30 GMT+10 (2:30 AM).