2nd President’s Cup Announcement

As AfHF received no entries for the 2nd President’s Cup scheduled for 19-26 Nov. 2018 in Uganda, this is to announce that the 2nd President’s Cup will not take place & that both Uganda’s Men & Women teams are 2018 President’s Cup winners.

TD and UM Hold Briefing for Teams and Officiating Officials

The Tournament Director and the Umpires’ Manager took turns to brief the teams and the officiating officials on the arrangements for the AfHF President’s Cup competition. The TD drew the attention to key aspects of the FIH Tournament Regulations that will guide the competition while the UM took his umpires through the salient issues to

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Teams and Officials Start Arriving for the Showdown in Arusha

With the commencement of the first Edition of the AfHF President’s Cup in a matter of days, the officiating officials and the visiting teams have started arriving in Arusha to make final adjustments for the big event. The Tournament Director, Ahmed E. Youssef of Egypt, the Umpires’ Manager, Ediga Agbo of Nigeria and the two

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