Shiraz Yakub (Kenya)
Shiraz YakubShiraz YakubCo-opted Member | AfHF
Shiraz had hockey in his blood since a very young age. He played in primary and secondary schools in Kenya and as a dream he had the honor of playing for the National team. He then started umpiring as he was still playing and really enjoyed it. So, he decided to pursue his umpiring career with the aim of reaching a level where a quite a few umpires from Kenya had reached on the international level.

Shiraz attainted his International Grade one with a great help of his friend and teacher the Late Dr. Ayman Amin together with support from Mr. Seif Ahmed and Mr. Risham Singh among others.

With age, he wanted to give back what Hockey had given him, so he started working as an Umpires Manager and is proud with the help of African Hockey that we now have quite a good number of umpires on the international scene.

As a member of African Hockey Federation EB, he intends to guide and elevate the African umpires and officials to a higher level.





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