Mr. Seif EL DINE AHMED (Egypt)
seifahmedseifahmedPresident | AfHF
Seif Ahmed was a member of Egypt’s national team in 1968 and has a long association with the sport as both an umpire and a technical official. He has been Treasurer and now President of the African Hockey Federation (AfHF) and is a former member of the Egyptian Olympic Committee. Seif was given the FIH President’s Award in 1999 and the FIH Order or Merit in 2002 in recognition of his long, distinguished and valuable services to hockey. Seif loves the speed of the game as well as penalty corner set-plays.
Seif became Honorary Treasurer of the AfHF in 1995 following a highly successful career as an international  umpire and player.  He remained Treasurer until the elections following the death of Gamal Shirazi after which he was elected President (Steve Jaspan had been Acting President until the election).Seif was elected to the FIH Council following the passing of Gamal Shirazi and has in recent years served on the FIH Executive Board as President of the AfHF.  He continues to serve in both these capacities.  Under his Presidency the number of members of the Federation has increased.Place of birth: Cairo – Egypt
Marital Status: Married with 3 daughters and 2 grand children.
Occupation: Retired.
Education: Bach. Of Physical Education and Sports Management. (1973).

Current Positions:
1-FIH Executive Board member.
2-President of AfHF.
3-Vice president of Egyptian Hockey Federation.
4-President of Arab Hockey Confederation.
5-Former member of Egyptian Olympic committee. (2009 – 2013)

1-FIH president award (1999).
2-FIH Order of Merit (2003).

Seif Ahmed spent 52 years in the Hockey field CONTINUOSLY, started in 1960 as a junior hockey player.
(1968) Member of the senior Egyptian hockey National team.
(1978) Retired as a player and started as a national umpire.
(1983) First international tournament.
(1985) International grade 1.
(1987) International grade 1 Olympic – World cup list.
(1993) -Retired as an international umpire.
-Chairman of the African umpiring committee.
(1993 – 2000) Acted as TD, TO and judge.
(1995) Treasurer of the AfHF.
Member of the FIH umpiring committee.
(1998) Member of the hockey rules board.
(2001) FIH Executive Board member till date.
(2004) -President of AfHF till date.
-Resigned from FIH umpiring committee , hockey rules board and AfHF chairman of umpiring committee, to give other Africans the chance to contribute in these 3 committees.




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